Skylon Tower Skywalk

In 2005, the "Skylon Tower Skywalk" by Jay Cochrane began atop the 32-story (364 feet height) Niagara Fallsview Casino, traversing a distance of 1,250 feet, and finished atop the Skylon Tower at a height of 520 feet.

Jay's performance was astounding, set to music as he talked to the crowd below, giving the spectators a first-hand experience of what it is like to be on the wire.

The Great China Skywalk

On October 28, 1995, Jay Cochrane stepped onto a thin steel wire a quarter mile above the Yangtze River in China's legendary Qutang Gorge for his greatest show.

In 53 minutes he skywalked 2,098 feet to the Lion's Face of the gorge, 1,345 feet in the air (higher than the World Trade Center), an accomplishment recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the greatest wirewalk in history.

Skywalk 2012 from Jay's Vantage Point

Jay Cochrane describes Skywalk 2012, the greatest Building-to-Building highwire performance in North American history as he walks on the wire.

From July 6, 2012, to Sept. 24, 2012, he set a distance record of 11.81 miles (19.01 Km) on the 1,300 foot long highwire from the Skylon Tower (521 feet) to the Hilton Fallsview Hotel (Canada's tallest hotel at 581 feet).

Up Close and Personal /Jay Cochrane

Jay Cochrane skywalked above the Fallsview District of Niagara Falls, Canada, between two specially built 20 story towers set 1,000 feet apart in 2007.

The twice daily skywalks were performed for the entire summer, with Jay raising thousands of dollars for Tender Wishes of Niagara Falls. Every skywalk by Jay Cochrane benefited a children's charity.

Blindfolded Las Vegas, World Record

Jay Cochrane completed the longest and highest BLINDFOLDED skywalk, traversing an 800 feet long, 300 feet high wire in 1998 between the towers of the Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas.

The phenomenal performance was broadcast on FOX Network's "Guinness World Records: Prime Time" on Tuesday, February 23, 1999! Jay Cochrane refused to walk with a tether, removing it after stepping out on the wire.

Real World/Road Rules Extreme Challenge

Jay Cochrane serves as the "mayor" of the challenge for this MTV show which one reviewer called the "SCARIEST MISSION OF ALL TIME!"

Jay teaches the cast members how to walk on a wire in a warehouse, and then the competition begins at Six Flags Great Adventure on Jay's set up 100-feet ablove the concrete floor.