Jay Cochrane Images used in test of new animation software

Jay Cochrane skywalks in Niagara Falls, Canada, in 2002 with the Horseshoe Falls flowing behind him.
Animated with Plotagraph Pro by Mark D Phillips. ©Mark D Phillips


Plotagraph Pro is a new software that allows the photographer to add animation to any still image. Launch the above image and watch Niagara Falls come alive during Jay's remarkable skywalk. In 2002, Jay Cochrane became the first skywalker to reappear in the Niagara region since 1897. The first skywalk in over a hundred years went from the pinnacle of the Sheraton on the Falls Hotel to the Casino Niagara Tower at a height of 40 stories, with Niagara Falls as the backdrop. "Skywalk at Niagara" was the highest skywalk ever completed in Niagara Falls at that time. Jay would go on to higher and longer skywalks over the next decade in Niagara Falls, Canada.

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The Great China Skywalk by Jay Cochrane is the greatest high wire walk ever completed. Cochrane skywalked 2,098 feet across Qutang Gorge, 1,340 feet above the Yangtze River.

Higher than the Twin Towers, Jay's accomplishment has always been overshadowed by Philippe Petit's walk at the World Trade Center.
On the 25th anniversary of Jay Cochrane's spectacular skywalk and the release of "The Wire" chronicling Petit's walk,
JayCochrane.com presents


a retrospective of THE GREAT CHINA SKYWALK.


The Eleventh Anniversary of "The Skylon Tower Skywalk"

On Saturday, July 30, 2005, Jay Cochrane completed the greatest skywalking event in North American history.

The "Skylon Tower Skywalk" began atop the 32-story, 364 feet (111m) Niagara Fallsview Casino, traversing a distance of 1,250 feet (381m), and finishing atop the Skylon Tower at a height of 520 feet (160m). Jay's performance was astounding, set to music as he talked to the crowd below, giving the spectators a first-hand experience of what it is like to be on the wire. Jay Cochrane completed the longest and highest skywalk ever performed outside of China. He would surpass this walk with Skywalk 2012, but for seven years this skywalk had the distinction of the highest and longest skywalk in North American history.



The TENTH anniversary of "The Summer of Skywalks, 2005"

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The summer of 2005 was magical above Niagara Falls as Jay Cochrane performed daily skywalks from the Niagara Fallsview Casino to the pinnacle of the Hilton Hotel.

Over the course of the summer, Jay Cochrane traversed over 15 miles on the 650-feet cable, 400-feet above the ground. The views of the falls were remarkable, and Jay loved every minute of his performances.

To honor the TENTH anniversary of "The Summer of Skywalks, 2005" at JayCochrane.com, we are offering a selection of COLLECTIBLE PRINTS with a protion of the proceeds going to Jay's favorite Niagara Falls charity, Tender Wishes.

View the selection by clicking here and choose from prints of the daily skywalk, or the penultimate "Skylon Tower Skywalk" performed on July 30, 2005, which set the North American record for Bulding-to-Building skywalk with a distance of 1,250 feet. "Skywalk 2012" by Jay Cochrane increased Jay's hold on this record with an additional 50 feet in distance.


Jay Cochrane Comemorative Print Skywalk 2005 Niagara Falls


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For over Fifty Years, Jay Cochrane graced the skies with each skywalk a spellbinding performance as he created "highways in the sky."

His skywalk above the Yangtze River in China's Qutang Gorge is considered the greatest highwire walk ever. The Great China Skywalk was viewed in-person by an audience of 250,000, and live China TV coverage was viewed in the PRC and around the world by an estimated one-billion people. Jay's skywalk stretched 2,098 feet (639m) over the Yangtze River at a height of 1,340 feet (408m), the highest and longest highwire walk ever completed.

His death from cancer on October 30, 2013, was a devastating blow to all who loved and adored him. Jay Cochrane will be remembered forever for his genorisity and his showmanship.

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